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Negi Springfield
08 April 2021 @ 08:41 pm
Okay, I'm worrying as much as Negi does over how I play him. Please tell me if I fail or not, because really, that would make me feel so much better.

Concrit is most appreciated. Flames will be laughed at before burned in the fire where they belong. Screening is off, anon is (hopefully) on.

AIM - doesnotlikesoaps (rarely used)
Plurk - sugarhoneyderpishly (frequently used)
Journal - fictionfangirl (seldom used)

Plot with me by way of Plurk, PMs to this journal, or commenting here if you'd like!
Negi Springfield
[He had made his choice. His father had told him that he could make it all better, make a happy future for his students and his friends possible, if he just...disappeared. The twisted ruins of Mahora, the barren landscape of Mars, the broken stone statues of the people he'd grown to care for, those would all disappear with him, replaced by a bright future.

And he said yes.

He was not expecting to wake up today and hear his own name in the news, when clearly he was here.

He rushes to the phone.]

[PHONE (and probably 1446 Mitchell Road)]

That's not right! I'm still here, I'm not gone! Please don't believe what they said earlier, I haven't disappeared. I...I'm not gone.
Negi Springfield
[ACTION; 1446 Mitchell Road]

[Oh, god.

Negi was asleep when it happened, and had woken up to the smoking ruins of his room. His homework had been incinerated, his staff and ring were missing (again) and he couldn't cast magic. As if the dronings of some of his class wasn't enough, now he had to deal with this.

But he had to do something. He had to find a way to protect the people who had become part of his assigned family, even without magic. So the first thing he does is sprint right out of bed and poke his head into each room.]

Layton-san?! Esme-san?! Rise-san?! Madeline-san?! Are you okay?

[Of course, the last one...well. Poor thing. The least he can do is give her a respectful burial, which is why, after he barges into her room and finds her corpse, he wraps it in what remains of the bed sheets, hurries out of the house and places it gingerly down on the the ruined lawn. Maybe once this is over, he'll find the time to give her what she deserves.]

[ACTION; around town]

[After all the hubbub inside his house, he rushes out and looks around, bringing out the corpses of the drones that were once some of his students and holding a minute of silence for them before rushing off to check on the next one, and to look for supplies and other survivors as well.

Feel free to run into him while he's doing this.]
Negi Springfield

[So it was early morning, and Negi was walking down the street to the park, like he usually did. What wasn't usual was when he was suddenly grabbed, out of nowhere, and knocked out.

Yes, there is a pod!Negi wandering around town now. Run for your lives.

Those brave enough (or those who don't know what's happened) to encounter him may find him at the following:

a.) At school, being polite. That's not odd by itself, but there's a heavy sarcasm coating his words. Like right now, when he bumps into you. Not entirely by accident.]

Oh, I'm sorry, you were in my way. Please make sure to get out of it next time, I'd rather not have to see your face again.

[b.) Wandering around town, being a general prick.

c.) Meanwhile, there's a pod in a remote area in the park. Rescue the person inside?

d.) At some point, this was bound to happen. Out in the front lawn of 1446 Mitchell Road are two boys engaged in a fight. Or at least, one of them is, the other is dodging each blow with some effort, and very occasionally returning fire.

Or electricity, since they both have a certain wooden staff.]

Hey, be an English gentleman and stop dodging, all right? I promise I'll go easy on you.

What did you do with my class?!

Oh, them? You know, you've got quite the catch there. Too bad you don't see them.


[The problem is, which one's the real Negi?]
Negi Springfield
[So a few days ago, Negi woke up. However, he realized something was amiss when his "father" chattered about things he was sure was far, far too much like a drone's. And when he talked to him, his suspicions were only confirmed when Francis referred to him as his son.

As you can imagine, he hasn't taken the news well.]

[PHONE, back-dated]

[There's a hesitation in Negi's voice, a kind of sadness that only comes about when someone he knew and protected is either gone or droned.]

...For those who knew him, Francis Bonnefoy-san has been droned. I...I don't think he's coming back.

[ACTION, back-dated to start of school]

[Still, life goes on. He has to go to school--which feels sort of wrong because, well, usually he's the teacher, not the student. He graduated from that role a long time ago.

Of course, it and his recent loss don't mean he isn't acing all the subjects and being quite possibly the model student of all model students. Heck, if you're teaching a class he's in, chances are he'll probably try to correct you at some point. Especially if it's English.

Some things don't ever change.]
Negi Springfield
[So Negi's not about to let Rise take the full brunt of drinking the milk. Indeed, he kind of sees her and the family he's been assigned to as people he must protect, and do you know what happens when somebody like Negi sees that his not!sis is in pain?

Stuff happens, i.e. drinking the milk before anybody can get to it.]

August 18

[Yes, everyone--Negi is braving the horrors of what may come about as a result of his drinking the milk. No, no one can stop him when he's set his mind to it, so housemates, feel free to come upon this ten-year-old teacher chugging the milk and leaving nothing for anyone. Shush, it is a worthy sacrifice.

...okay, not really, because he got the special milk.

And now he believes that he's in Mahora again, only...well, with all the people he knew turned to stone, just like what happened in his village.

Feel free to encounter the little ball of sadness going around town, gingerly avoiding what he thinks are statues, but are actually just...well, nothing but thin air. Be warned, though--some people may be mistaken for demons.

He knows kenpo. And can cast some magic.]

August 21

[So after a bit of internal 'oh god what did I do', Negi has finally mustered up the courage to drink the milk again.

Unfortunately, it's hormone free milk. And do you know what that means?


Everyone may find Negi either skipping out of sheer happiness and actually humming something really cheery under his breath, or dragging himself along out of pure sadness and wallowing in a pit of despair and self-blame. Mostly despair.

Sigh. At least the next day he won't have to worry so much.]
Negi Springfield
23 July 2011 @ 01:17 pm
[ACTION, 1446 Mitchell Road]

[So a few days ago, like many other residents of Mayfield, Negi had woken up to find a strange package waiting for him. He's wary of it, of course, and hasn't opened it in days.

But curiosity has won out, and now he's tearing away the wrapping paper and...staring.

It's his staff. Not only that, but there's a picture of him casting a low-level spell, and once he picks it up, he suddenly feels his magic returning to him. It's not all of it--certainly, it's not as powerful as it used to, but it's there.

He breathes a sigh of relief. Finally.]


[So today, Negi can be found all over town, like:

a.) In the park! Or rather, some remote place in the park, where he's chanting something in Latin.]

Ras Tel Ma Scir Magister! Quinque spiritus lucis, coeuntes sagittent inimicum. Sagitta Magica, Series Lucis!

[...welp, there goes a tree. But it's evident that it isn't quite at the usual level yet, judging from the sigh

b.) Buying groceries at the grocery store. It's normal, actually--or it would be if he wasn't carrying around a huge stick with bandages on it. Also, he's kind of...trying to reach that one item on his list that he never can quite get. Feel free to notice this.

c.) At night, hovering leisurely over some houses in the neighborhood (and some that aren't). He's basically on a lookout right now, but is trying his best to keep himself hidden from sight, hence why there's a ten-year-old kid floating on a staff hovering just up on the rooftop, trying not to be seen. Do you notice him?]
Negi Springfield
[Negi's stayed away from the phones for so long now. He's heard the effects already, and is trying his hardest to keep himself from talking. He has so many secrets that he has to keep...well, secret.

The problem is, his resistance has been getting weaker and weaker every day. And today, he finds himself picking up the phone.]


Ah... [From the tone in his voice, it's obvious that Negi is struggling with the urge to talk, trying to stop his words from coming out. He's failing.]

Six years before, my village was burned down and almost all of the people I grew up with were turned to stone. Nekane-oneechan and I were the only ones who were left, because my dad came and saved us. He...He's been missing for so long, and that was the only time I ever met him. He gave me his staff and I haven't seen him in person since.

Ever since then, I've been looking for him. I want to follow in his footsteps and become a great Magister Magi, but now that I'm in Mayfield, I'm not sure if I can still do that.

...I'm also a teacher at Mahora Academy. And a mage. [At that you can hear a gasp, like he really can't believe that he just said that last part.] U-Um, I've kissed some of my students--but it was to protect them! [Another gasp. He did not mean to say that.] And I'm only ten under kazoe!
Negi Springfield
[So, as Father's Day draws nearer, Negi's gotten rather melancholy. It's not that he hates being here--he doesn't, and so long as his students are okay, he'll be fine. It's just that...well, his father's been missing from his life since the day he was born. Sure, there's been father figures, but the only time he's ever seen his father in person was the time when he was just a kid and his village was razed to the ground by demons. And even then he didn't stay long.

The only thing that he has to remind him of his father is his wooden staff, and he doesn't even have that anymore. As you can tell, he's a little depressed.]


[The day before Father's Day, Negi can be found at Makeout Point, by himself. If you come closer, you'll hear him say something...]


[You...should probably talk to him.]
Negi Springfield
09 June 2011 @ 04:45 pm

[There's a young boy rushing through the house, looking for something. This boy is Negi Springfield, and he's just woken up today in a house he's sure he's never been in before. Also, he's supposed to be training in Mundus Magicus and where are his students and why can't he cast magic?!

...Housemates, feel free to collide into the poor boy and explain to him what's going on.]


[So, after managing to calm down, Negi has picked up the phone. There's a bit of hesitation as he does so, and it's rather evident in his voice--he's still a little nervous and worried. Where are his students?]

Ah...is anyone there? The people here told me about where I am and what's going on, but um...have any of you seen my students anywhere?

[From what he's heard, he's hoping none of them are here, because he doesn't want them hurt.]